Grand Bahama Yacht Club

Beach & Water activitiets


Sailing in paradise must be the best description of yachting in the Bahamas.

The waters at Grand Bahama are not different, and with the expansion of the Bell Channel, mega yachts are no obstacle to enjoy the wide range of experiences and services.

Beaches and Watersports

Close your eyes and picture the perfect beach. Visit Grand Bahama and you will discover what you imagined.
The white sandy beaches of Grand Bahama and the year round warm azure colored ocean; water is everything you ever dreamed about.

Swinmming, snorkling, scuba diving are just a few of the wide range of fun and excitement you will enjoy just a few minutes from Grand Bahama Yacht Club.

At Grand Bahama Island, you will find extraordinary diving waters with more than 30 miles of beautiful coral reefs.