Grand Bahama Yacht Club

Facilities & Services

Bahamian Shops

Local Bahamian shops are full of beautifully handcrafted items that make an ideal island gift and souvenir.

All products that bare the “Authentically Bahamian” brand are evaluated by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism which ensures that all items are handmade locally in The Bahamas.


Wellness - Spa - Fitness

Let your mind fade away while enjoying luxury Caribbean style Wellness/Spa, or get the muscles working in top modern fitness facilities.

Numerous centers are available only few minutes from Grand Bahama Yacht Club.



Lucaya has a variety of restaurants with International cuisine and gourmet unique flavors.

Here is something for any taste and mood. Both exclusive and casual.

Take the water taxi and find the place that suits you right now!

Bars and Nightlife

Martinis, Long drinks and cocktails. Exclusive lounges and electrifying dance floors. Disco, Bahamian rythms, Jazz.

No matter your taste of drinks and music, you will find your favorite at Lucaya!